Merry Christmas. That is all. Just….. Merry Christmas.

I posted this video last year. I will probably post it every Christmas for as long as this website exists. It is brilliant – and perfect – in its simplicity. If you edited it you would only lessen its effectiveness.

My dearest wish is that this season finds you with contentment, peace and happiness. If that’s too much to ask, and it probably is, I hope things are trending in that direction.

I present Linus. Preach it, brother.

A Holiday Without Peer

I took this picture at a golf tournament about a month ago.

I won’t subject you to the litany of reasons why, but this is my favorite holiday of the year. This is also my favorite time of the year.

I have no desire for an endless summer. You can’t fully appreciate the sun’s warmth on your skin if it never rains. You can’t fully appreciate the joy of happiness if you don’t feel the occasional sting of sadness.

Happy Thanksgiving.