An Update on Buddy

In the wake of any tragic incident, there is invariably an onrush of support, which is very welcomed, also invariably. Protracted conflicts, however, are won not with staccato-like bursts of energy and commitment. They are won via hard-fought incremental gains earned while others rest. They are won when our resolve is tested and not found wanting. We find victory only after forgoing every off-ramp to the path of least resistance. Such is the case with our fellow warrior Buddy.

The attached is from Phil Work. As you’ll recall, he is the father of the young lady pictured above. As these updates arrive, I will post them so we can remain at Buddy’s side for the long-haul. For now, I ask that you not allow these updates to become routine. Nothing about his current life is routine. Riding alongside him during this marathon is the least we can do. So reach deep and lift him up in a manner that suits you.

And about that Beat Army thing? We did. Again.

Buddy Marshall Update: After five weeks of critical care in Fresno and Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia, Buddy has transferred to the Magee Spinal Rehabilitation Hospital, also in Philly, on Dec 7. He has immediately started twice daily regime of physical and occupational therapy under the care of PT’s Patrice and Mandy. He also has speech therapy and training in swallowing techniques. He is strengthening and making steady daily progress in small but positive increments. The patient care team at Magee are terrific, kind, compassionate and caring experts in rehabilitation, just what Buddy needs! He is estimated to remain at Magee for 3-4 months. Please share and keep praying and pulling for Buddy. He’s on the way back, but still needs our help! He was to spend part of today with some good Navy buddies watching the Army-Navy football game which was held close by at Lincoln Field. Go Navy, Beat Army, Go Buddy!

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