An Experience with My Lecturer as An Escort

Ever heard of the “Escorts London?” Well, if you haven’t, then you are not familiar with the streets of Marylebone. In 2018, I joined the college as a fresh lady. Raised by a single parent, I couldn’t afford a fancy campus life, which bothered me much. Every Friday, my friends would be out for parties, but I was always indoors. The thought of not fitting in drove me crazy.

Being passionate about modeling, I attend runway celebrations every Wednesday organized by the university. After a couple of months of attending the modeling parties, I decided to challenge myself and register. After several auditions, I got a chance to participate as one of the models. I did come as a runners’ up during the competition and feature in one of the local dailies as an upcoming model.

One thing led to the other; I couldn’t manage to deal with fame. Even though I managed to be a runners’ up in the competition, my life didn’t change much in cash flow. Most companies approached me to be their brand ambassador, but there was nothing for me from a contractual basis. However, there was one outstanding request the startled me.

I got an invitation from Cleopatra Escorts to participate in one of the auditions as a call girl. The pay was well; I couldn’t resist the temptation. As a hot teen girl, I attracted more customers to the company. After two months of rigorous work, the company earned much from my work, albeit I got something to cater to my needs, my want for money was too high, and that’s when I made up my mind no be a full-time escort.

It started by offering masseuse services to our clients, but I could get more money every time I gave out a hand job. This worked out for weeks until I got more returning clients who could offer more than my pay. What started as a hand job grew to be a blow job session, which most of the clients enjoyed.

Since I could get more bucks, I got introduced to drugs by one of my clients. It was not a pleasing experience as I spent nearly half of what I was getting on drugs. The trend continued for a while until I was admitted to rehab after I dropped out of school. I stayed in a rehabilitation center for over three months, and when I got over my addiction, I returned to my work as an escort.

One evening, as I was chilling in my room, I got hooked up by a guy by the agency. We organized for a meet-up later that evening. I got hooked up with one of my lecturer. I was not at ease when we first met, but he gave me an assurance that all was okay, and he was purely in for pleasure purposes and spending quality time since he admired me way back the first day I joined his class.

Despite being nervous, he gave me a mind-blowing treatment that I had missed for so long. Out of the guys I had met as an escort in my life, he knew how to touch the righ parts of my bdoy. For once, I thought like he had the chemistry of my body. It was an incredible experience. The day ended well, and we exchanged contacts with a promise that he would call me back whenever he needed a treat since I didn’t disappoint him.

We parted ways and later on became one of my regular clients who paid me beyond the standard rates. And that’s how I good hooked up with my lecturer.