How to start your escort agency in London

Starting an escort agency in London is one of the most the best business opportunities for you. Escort services are high on demand primarily due to how busy London is all through the year. You can consider some business hotspot areas as a location for your agency, including Chelsea, Kensington, Knightsbridge, and Bayswater. Like any legitimate business, there is a procedure to start your agency to make it a success, and the article will guide you through the steps you need to embrace.

It would be best if you were ready for the competition also and thus, being a unique agency will help you have an edge against the rest. Here is what you need before you start an escort agency;

1. Legality

The last thing you want while running your escort agency is to be on the wrong side of the law. Escort agency business is classified as a legal business in London, and thus what you need is to adhere to the restrictions and guidelines given by the relevant authorities. Get your papers right by paying for the license or permit to run an escort business, which is a show that you are a registered company transacting legally. Licenses are not the only legal documents you will need to run your agency. You also need to have an employment agreement you will use as a contact between you and your beautiful escorts. Lastly, while you recruit, you must only have escorts in your agency who are of legal age and employed under their free will. Issues to do with underage and sex trade can render you on the wrong side of the law and face jail time.

2. Insurance cover

Your services need to be professional, and thus insurance cover makes you stand out and be attractive against the rest. You might be wondering why escort agencies need insurance, but its an essential business for you. Issues such as personal injury, damages to your clients’ reputation, death of your escorts, and medical covers are some of the reasons you should take a cover. Approach a broker who is willing and able to work with you, given the nature of your business. You need to be open about the kind of business you are running so that they give you the best cover policy they have. Your clients will also want to know if you have insurance for one reason or another, and thus ignoring it may disadvantage. The essential insurance covers you may undertake may include the public and employer liability.

3. Catchy name

A unique, attractive name that is a signature for your identity is another aspect you need to consider before you start. The title needs to match the nature of the business you are doing and draws attention to it. However, do not make it obvious by using a name such as ‘Sex escort’ because you need to show some level of decency and class. Use a cosy that shows the level of VIP escort services you are offering and let it reflect the niche you are targeting. Avoid also popular escort names, which will make you get confused from another agency, especially now that you are starting.

4. The escorts you recruit

Your employees are your escorts, and thus you need to handpick the best. Clients will want every reason they should choose you over your competitors, and hence you need to give it to them. Recruit escorts who are professional in the service and have the right etiquette while attending to clients. You will also need to have different escorts, such as blondes, schoolgirls, dominatrix, and cougars, who are most commonly demanded. Your escorts need to be flexible for the services you will be offering because clients will request based on what they need.

5. Online presence

Online presence has proven to be one of the most beneficial business tools for businesses. Invest in a responsive website where your clients can reach you,go through the various services and escorts you have to make their request. Make the website as attractive as possible and let it portray an escort agency kind of profile. Engage in promoting it through various digital marketing to raise awareness about your brand and take advantage also of social media.