An Experience with My Lecturer as An Escort

Ever heard of the “Escorts London?” Well, if you haven’t, then you are not familiar with the streets of Marylebone. In 2018, I joined the college as a fresh lady. Raised by a single parent, I couldn’t afford a fancy campus life, which bothered me much. Every Friday, my friends would be out for parties, but I was always indoors. The thought of not fitting in drove me crazy.

Being passionate about modeling, I attend runway celebrations every Wednesday organized by the university. After a couple of months of attending the modeling parties, I decided to challenge myself and register. After several auditions, I got a chance to participate as one of the models. I did come as a runners’ up during the competition and feature in one of the local dailies as an upcoming model.

One thing led to the other; I couldn’t manage to deal with fame. Even though I managed to be a runners’ up in the competition, my life didn’t change much in cash flow. Most companies approached me to be their brand ambassador, but there was nothing for me from a contractual basis. However, there was one outstanding request the startled me.

I got an invitation from Cleopatra Escorts to participate in one of the auditions as a call girl. The pay was well; I couldn’t resist the temptation. As a hot teen girl, I attracted more customers to the company. After two months of rigorous work, the company earned much from my work, albeit I got something to cater to my needs, my want for money was too high, and that’s when I made up my mind no be a full-time escort.

It started by offering masseuse services to our clients, but I could get more money every time I gave out a hand job. This worked out for weeks until I got more returning clients who could offer more than my pay. What started as a hand job grew to be a blow job session, which most of the clients enjoyed.

Since I could get more bucks, I got introduced to drugs by one of my clients. It was not a pleasing experience as I spent nearly half of what I was getting on drugs. The trend continued for a while until I was admitted to rehab after I dropped out of school. I stayed in a rehabilitation center for over three months, and when I got over my addiction, I returned to my work as an escort.

One evening, as I was chilling in my room, I got hooked up by a guy by the agency. We organized for a meet-up later that evening. I got hooked up with one of my lecturer. I was not at ease when we first met, but he gave me an assurance that all was okay, and he was purely in for pleasure purposes and spending quality time since he admired me way back the first day I joined his class.

Despite being nervous, he gave me a mind-blowing treatment that I had missed for so long. Out of the guys I had met as an escort in my life, he knew how to touch the righ parts of my bdoy. For once, I thought like he had the chemistry of my body. It was an incredible experience. The day ended well, and we exchanged contacts with a promise that he would call me back whenever he needed a treat since I didn’t disappoint him.

We parted ways and later on became one of my regular clients who paid me beyond the standard rates. And that’s how I good hooked up with my lecturer.

How to start your escort agency in London

Starting an escort agency in London is one of the most the best business opportunities for you. Escort services are high on demand primarily due to how busy London is all through the year. You can consider some business hotspot areas as a location for your agency, including Chelsea, Kensington, Knightsbridge, and Bayswater. Like any legitimate business, there is a procedure to start your agency to make it a success, and the article will guide you through the steps you need to embrace.

It would be best if you were ready for the competition also and thus, being a unique agency will help you have an edge against the rest. Here is what you need before you start an escort agency;

1. Legality

The last thing you want while running your escort agency is to be on the wrong side of the law. Escort agency business is classified as a legal business in London, and thus what you need is to adhere to the restrictions and guidelines given by the relevant authorities. Get your papers right by paying for the license or permit to run an escort business, which is a show that you are a registered company transacting legally. Licenses are not the only legal documents you will need to run your agency. You also need to have an employment agreement you will use as a contact between you and your beautiful escorts. Lastly, while you recruit, you must only have escorts in your agency who are of legal age and employed under their free will. Issues to do with underage and sex trade can render you on the wrong side of the law and face jail time.

2. Insurance cover

Your services need to be professional, and thus insurance cover makes you stand out and be attractive against the rest. You might be wondering why escort agencies need insurance, but its an essential business for you. Issues such as personal injury, damages to your clients’ reputation, death of your escorts, and medical covers are some of the reasons you should take a cover. Approach a broker who is willing and able to work with you, given the nature of your business. You need to be open about the kind of business you are running so that they give you the best cover policy they have. Your clients will also want to know if you have insurance for one reason or another, and thus ignoring it may disadvantage. The essential insurance covers you may undertake may include the public and employer liability.

3. Catchy name

A unique, attractive name that is a signature for your identity is another aspect you need to consider before you start. The title needs to match the nature of the business you are doing and draws attention to it. However, do not make it obvious by using a name such as ‘Sex escort’ because you need to show some level of decency and class. Use a cosy that shows the level of VIP escort services you are offering and let it reflect the niche you are targeting. Avoid also popular escort names, which will make you get confused from another agency, especially now that you are starting.

4. The escorts you recruit

Your employees are your escorts, and thus you need to handpick the best. Clients will want every reason they should choose you over your competitors, and hence you need to give it to them. Recruit escorts who are professional in the service and have the right etiquette while attending to clients. You will also need to have different escorts, such as blondes, schoolgirls, dominatrix, and cougars, who are most commonly demanded. Your escorts need to be flexible for the services you will be offering because clients will request based on what they need.

5. Online presence

Online presence has proven to be one of the most beneficial business tools for businesses. Invest in a responsive website where your clients can reach you,go through the various services and escorts you have to make their request. Make the website as attractive as possible and let it portray an escort agency kind of profile. Engage in promoting it through various digital marketing to raise awareness about your brand and take advantage also of social media.

Visiting London

London is an amazing place to visit, however, to make the most of your vacation time in Europe’s third largest city, you have to prepare, research and plan in advance. You will have to consider a number of things: where to stay, when to visit, what to see, where to eat, what to do. Let’s take a look at the following comprehensive overview about visiting London.

Choose the Best Time of the Year to Visit
London weather tends to be quite unpredictable. In fact, Londoners are known to carry umbrellas and sunglasses regularly throughout the year. Nonetheless, London weather has never been too extreme to the extent of deterring visitors from all the wonderful things to do and see in the city. The city sees welcomes the highest number of visitors in August and July (the warmest time of the year).

London Travel Documents Requirements
All overseas visitors travelling to London must have a passport, and some will be required to have a visa. If you are an American citizen, you can get your passport to the United Kingdom by registering with the US Department of State. A passport allows you to stay in the UK for up to six months.

London Public Transport
You can travel to London by ferry, air, road, or rail. Obviously, how much time you have, and where your point of travel, will influence your choice of transport. The public transport in London is safe and easy to use. Between the bus routes and the underground rail system, getting almost anywhere you want is fairly cheap. Or if you have got surplus money, an Uber or an iconic taxi will take you wherever you want to go.

Where to Stay
If you are staying in London for only a short time, central London would be the best to stay to safe time travelling. Getting around London is remarkably easy on public transport, therefore, don’t worry too much about which exact area in central London. As long the hotel you find is in central London, getting around won’t be a problem.

Where to Eat
The city is home to an astronomical number of eateries so you won’t have problems looking for something new daily. You can also do your own search of restaurants in London on the internet, based on price, location, and cuisine. Remember, the city has residents from almost every country on earth, so you can try out new taste experiences, as well.

London Attractions
The list of things to see and do in this beautiful city is endless. In fact, the only things that may limit your ability to get to visit as many attractions in London is time and money. However, if you want to some of the city’s most expensive attractions, a London Pass card could help. It is a sightseeing card with a fixed rate that gives you access to over 55 attractions.

Get some magnificent views of the city in the London Eye, which is the tallest observation wheel in the world. Check out some of London’s royal heritage sights that include, the Buckingham Palace and Tower of London.

Merry Christmas. That is all. Just….. Merry Christmas.

I posted this video last year. I will probably post it every Christmas for as long as this website exists. It is brilliant – and perfect – in its simplicity. If you edited it you would only lessen its effectiveness.

My dearest wish is that this season finds you with contentment, peace and happiness. If that’s too much to ask, and it probably is, I hope things are trending in that direction.

I present Linus. Preach it, brother.

An Update on Buddy

In the wake of any tragic incident, there is invariably an onrush of support, which is very welcomed, also invariably. Protracted conflicts, however, are won not with staccato-like bursts of energy and commitment. They are won via hard-fought incremental gains earned while others rest. They are won when our resolve is tested and not found wanting. We find victory only after forgoing every off-ramp to the path of least resistance. Such is the case with our fellow warrior Buddy.

The attached is from Phil Work. As you’ll recall, he is the father of the young lady pictured above. As these updates arrive, I will post them so we can remain at Buddy’s side for the long-haul. For now, I ask that you not allow these updates to become routine. Nothing about his current life is routine. Riding alongside him during this marathon is the least we can do. So reach deep and lift him up in a manner that suits you.

And about that Beat Army thing? We did. Again.

Buddy Marshall Update: After five weeks of critical care in Fresno and Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia, Buddy has transferred to the Magee Spinal Rehabilitation Hospital, also in Philly, on Dec 7. He has immediately started twice daily regime of physical and occupational therapy under the care of PT’s Patrice and Mandy. He also has speech therapy and training in swallowing techniques. He is strengthening and making steady daily progress in small but positive increments. The patient care team at Magee are terrific, kind, compassionate and caring experts in rehabilitation, just what Buddy needs! He is estimated to remain at Magee for 3-4 months. Please share and keep praying and pulling for Buddy. He’s on the way back, but still needs our help! He was to spend part of today with some good Navy buddies watching the Army-Navy football game which was held close by at Lincoln Field. Go Navy, Beat Army, Go Buddy!

The Parable of the Disappointed Pilot (Greenie Board!)

Back in our first days of FCLPs in Kingsville and Meridian, every carrier pilot learned that predictability and procedural compliance take students much further toward the end goal of carrier qualification than does occasional, flash-in-the-pan brilliance. The instructors develop trust in “the process” – in this case, the student’s ability and willingness to adhere to procedure. We don’t “trust” that a pilot is going to fly an OK pass every time, but we do trust that he’s not going to lead the low. We don’t “trust” that a pilot is going to have a 100-percent boarding rate, but we do trust that she isn’t going to spot the deck and then make an unsafe play for the four wire. The difference is subtle but important in a profession with such narrow margins for error. Of course, this is not to say that we shouldn’t value the pilot who has a consistently great GPA and boarding rate – we should all be so fortunate. Instead, I am suggesting that if both the instructor (or fleet LSO) and the pilot trust the process, we can develop a reasonable expectation that the grades and boarding rates will take care of themselves. More importantly, we’ll meet the overarching objective of getting safely back aboard the ship. It is crucial for both parties to trust the process – trust the system.

Based on the timing of this post, some readers might be asking a logical question: what about when the system – the process – doesn’t work the way we think it should? Let’s stick with the carrier environment and look at an experience many of us can relate to. EVERY single carrier pilot has flown a rails pass into the three wire and then stood smartly while Paddles read him a Fair. It stings. We know we worked our tails off to fly a solid pass and are disappointed to learn that Paddles thinks less of our work than we do. If we’re honest with ourselves, we’ve all experienced this debrief, and if we’re really honest with ourselves, most of us will admit there were times when we didn’t handle the situation as well as we should have. Did we argue? Did we roll our eyes? Did we sulk back to the JO eight-man, grumbling the whole way about those lying, blind, good-for-nothing LSOs? We forget that our reaction to disappointment says more about our character than do the patches on our jacket or the colored tiles on the wall. We forget that there are principles and goals that dwarf our personal ambition. The best pilots take the debrief in stride and continue plugging away. The best pilots, though not immune to disappointment, understand that there is more than personal satisfaction and affirmation involved here. The best pilots – the best officers – understand that though they didn’t get recognized with the grade they felt they deserved, the process worked. They got back aboard safely, which we dare not forget is the ultimate objective.

Let’s stick with the theme, but play with a hypothetical. Let’s suppose that after being read his Fair, the pilot went to his Skipper and complained about the gross injustice that had just occurred. Ideally, the boss would point out to this pilot what a privilege it is to be serving his nation in such an impressive manner, and that his complaints call into question his understanding of selfless service. Hopefully, the skipper pointed out to the pilot that being allowed to fly gray jets, orange and white jets, helicopters, or big lumbering props for the Navy is a damn good deal, one that many strive for and few achieve. Not satisfied with this response, though, the pilot boldly decides to approach CAG to discuss the sub-par work of his staff LSOs. Fortunately for the complainant, CAG is sympathetic to the struggle and orders the grade changed. Of course, there are no secrets on the boat, and word travels fast that grades are negotiable. You didn’t get the grade you thought you earned, the grade you thought you deserved? Go to CAG. He’ll hear your story and might even help right the apparent wrongs of the world. In the process of doing so, he’ll marginalize his LSOs and undermine the foundation on which the entire enterprise rests. CAG will send the message that getting what you want is more important than larger organizational objectives. Now, pilots know that they don’t necessarily have to bring their best each and every time they roll out behind the ship. Sure, they’ll work hard enough to not kill themselves, but why strive for repeated excellence when you can show up with “good enough,” and then count on negotiating your way to a better grade? What can we surmise about the level of trust the LSOs have in the pilots and vice versa? Remember, this “system” only works if both parties trust one another to place organizational objectives ahead of individual gratification and self-interests.

A Holiday Without Peer

I took this picture at a golf tournament about a month ago.

I won’t subject you to the litany of reasons why, but this is my favorite holiday of the year. This is also my favorite time of the year.

I have no desire for an endless summer. You can’t fully appreciate the sun’s warmth on your skin if it never rains. You can’t fully appreciate the joy of happiness if you don’t feel the occasional sting of sadness.

Happy Thanksgiving.